In early 2000, the increased availability of Internet exploded the porn industry’s profits like never before. Until the internet age, Porn was limited to some hard-core paid channels and videotape sales.
With the advent of hi-speed internet, anyone could download porn from membership sites. But of late, the porn industry has come under heavy losses. In this article, we will talk about the why the adult movie industry is falling so heavily.
Back in the 90s, the Porn industry was just finding its path in the market. Demand was high, but all transactions were conducted on the down low. When the Internet became readily available, it was easier for the production houses to get to customers without the need for a distribution route like a tacky video store. Plus, it was easier to reach customers in the entire country.
The adult industry and the Casino industry have always been at the forefront of using technology to get closer to their customers.
The Internet gave birth to the adult membership sites. You can access high-quality videos and choose the kind of kinky play you want to watch. Just for a small fee of $9.99 or $29.99, the world was at your doorstep and that was just the beginning of the Internet’s porn revolution.


But nothing is constant in the world. While the professional porn stars were minting money, another category started up. Amateurs started to make porn and sell it to adult websites. All you need is a decent camera and a set of lights and anyone can make these Amateur Videos. The supply started to go up while the demand was constant. So the fight to retain their customers became harder and some of these sites had to put out free videos to entice new customers.
Once people get the taste of the free stuff, it becomes harder to pay.


Using peer-to-peer networks, people started to share their porn collection with friends and strangers. Although a good deal of porn membership sites fought back with additional video protection technology, there are way too many nerds interested in free porn than the IT guys who can block them. And thus, slowly, the paid for stuff started to become available for free.
The competition is so fierce in the porn industry that the highest-paid internet specialists are not working for Netflix or Amazon, but for sites like PornHub. The constant fight to come at the top is ongoing. Apart from bit torrents, there are also several membership sites that give free access to Amateur Videos, just to attract new customers.
While you get to see only limited content, it gives you an idea of what is available behind the pay wall. Sooner or later you are going to get curious enough to try and find out what’s out there and viola, become a paying member!
But the effects of free videos are real. Many adult stars are not getting enough work to survive and the industry is in a downward spiral.