Where to invest money in 2018 according to Forbes?

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Where to invest money in 2018 according to Forbes?

Money is an essential thing in this world. Without money no one can survive, and that is a fact. Though there are those who said that “money is the root of all evil”, those people clearly have not experienced having a lot of money in their lives. With money, you can do anything you want, visit all the places you want to go to, buy all the things you fancy, and make yourself happy.

Trusting Forbes

You need to work real hard in order to gain money and work harder to maintain or improve your financial stability. Thinking of the future, you need to invest your money, and listen to recommendations of the leaders in the investment industry as to where to invest your money. Forbes is a renowned global media company that focuses on investments, business, entrepreneurship, technology, lifestyle and leadership. Their opinion matters to many people who want to make it in the money world. Forbes has suggestions in where to successfully invest money to gain the best rewards.

Forbes recommendations on investment

Invest in stock market

The stock market has been around for decades, and though it has always been a common advice to invest in stock market, Forbes still recommends investing your money in the stock market for the year 2018. It is true that there are doubts regarding the results, but it takes wise and carefully strategized investing to have profitable investment in the stock market. You do not need to invest all your hard-earned money, but be wise enough to buy few shares only when the market is quite high, and purchase more shares during the time when the market is low.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms

Peer-to-peer lending is a great way to invest your money, since you have the comfort of knowing that you are lending your money to people you know, people who need extra cash to further their businesses or start a new business venture. The return rate can be a range of 5-7 percent, and you can be of help to those who are in need. Not only will you be helping friends, but someday, the businesses you have helped may prove useful to you.

Real estate notes investment

The real estate notes investment is great if you do not any desire to handle or oversee a property, but is contented to wait for dividends from the project. All you have to do is invest in a real estate notes company, they will buy properties that they will run on their own, and send you profits.


You can always make investments in whatever form you may want as long as you have the money for it, but what is really important is you invest in yourself. Gain as much knowledge as you can regarding the business industry, about investments, and about everything else that involves making more money. Above all, knowledge is the main key to become utterly successful in investing.

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